Even though we don’t have “pumps” in our name, we live & breathe them. We stock all major brands & if we don’t have them, we will get them. We pride ourselves on selling quality pumps, mostly European-made. More importantly, we service what we sell having a fully operational workshop. With electricians, technicians & mechanics all on staff, we have you covered.


We sell all sizes of submersible pumps from 3” in diameter up to 8” & larger.  Sticking with the quality theme, we sell only pumps made in Europe which are known for their quality.

Our primary supplier is Caprari.  Caprari isn’t as established in Australia as some of the other names but have been here for over 20-years.  They are an Italian family company who like Grundfos were founded in 1945.  We get great support as their head office in Australia is based in Adelaide.

Lowara is another great Italian company of which we sell plenty of their pumps, particularly in the centrifugal range.  Again, supported by a family-owned business in Adelaide, their service is impeccable.



This has become a big market in recent years.  We sell one brand of pump, made in Italy by Nastec, & imported direct into Adelaide by a close friend of ours, Marc Lower at Solar Pumptec.

When it comes to solar pumps, we only sell quality & for that reason we won’t sell anything not made in Europe.  Whilst we have a great range with all sizes, we like to keep things simple.  Why do you need all the bells & whistles & fancy controllers when all you want to do is pump water into a tank or troughs?

Keep it simple & there are less thing to go wrong.

We can set these pumps up as DIY, or we can install them for you.  All our solar pumps are installed by licensed electricians, making for a safe, legal & tidy installation. We’re not a farmer who installs solar pumps in our free time, this is what we do for a living.  Many take the option of installing the post themselves & then we do the rest.  Naturally, if you want something more elaborate, we can cater for that.

When looking to purchase a solar pump, ask where they are made, you may be surprised!


Unlike our city counterparts, almost every house in the country areas has a rainwater tank & the majority of them have a pump to deliver water to the house.  In this market there are many cheap, low-quality manufacturers jumping on the bandwagon, by like anything else, you get what you pay for.  Our preferred build of pump is both stainless steel inside & out, meaning if they get hot through running dry, they rarely cause much damage.  Many cheap rainwater pumps are throwaway which is not good for the environment, plus they are generally inefficient & often noisy. Let us select a pump for your application, as not all situations are the same.  Our pumps are fully serviceable & will last you many years.

Rainwater Pump


If you are looking for a robust jet pump for your bore which is almost bullet-proof, you can’t go past the Onga JJ/OJ jet pump range. We have sold these for decades.

They are heavy buggers & very hard to destroy. As long as they are looked after, they will last for a long time.

They are not as efficient as a submersible pump, but if you want something you can see & hear & make sure it is doing the right thing, you can’t go past these.


We have sold many fire pumps over the years, but we think we are on a good thing now. Australian company, Orange Pumps have released a premium fire-fighter with a 6.5HP genuine Honda engine, giving you the performance of a twin impeller pump without the complications of the latter. They are easy to work on & are well backed-up.

We also sell a range of engine-drive transfer pumps both from Orange & the Japanese made Koshin. We refuse to sell cheap imitation fire-fighters as our belief is when there is a fire, you want your pump to start first time & do its job.


We can offer all forms of water filtration from drinking, garden & agriculture. We partner with Adelaide based company Puretec for all our household water filtration. We can offer a basic rainwater filter for your whole house, or just the drinking water over the kitchen sink. We can filter, taste, odour, sediment & even help to remove bacteria. UV systems are proving popular to kill basically all nasties in the water. When it comes to the garden, we can filter sand from your bore water before it enters your garden beds & sprinklers. Finally, we can also assist with filtration for drip irrigation using quality Israeli-made products through Netafim.


We also do a range of grey-water sump pumps, centrifugal, vertical multistage, 12-volt spray & caravan pumps & many more.


Anyone can sell poly pipe & most rural stores do.  It is often a commodity to many rural stores, but to us it is more than that.

Whilst anyone can sell poly pipe & cheaply, not many can design a stock watering system. There are many things to think about when doing a design like this such as friction loss, velocity, elevation, working pressure etc.

It’s not just trenching pipe in the ground & turning the pump on.  Together with Google Earth, we can map your paddocks, label tanks & troughs & calculate exactly what size poly pipe you need & how much. Why use larger pipe than you should?

We can save you $$$ by using smaller pipe as required.  We carry large stocks of poly pipe & are the biggest Philmac reseller in the Limestone Coast.