We are known as the leader in drip irrigation in the Limestone Coast. Having a close relationship with Netafim that dates back over 30-years, the Lawrence & Netafim name have combined to install millions of metres of tube over this time. There are great relationships with some of the larger vineyards such as Treasury Wine Estates, Casella, Pernod Ricard, Rymills, South East Vineyards but equally important relationships with the smaller household name family vineyards in the Coonawarra such as Majella Wines, Brands & Zema Estate just to name a few. We service vineyards from the coast such as Robe & Cape Jaffa, through to Padthaway, Bordertown & Coonawarra.


When it comes to domestic pop-up irrigation, most people think it is easy to do, which is why you see so many contractors who do this.

You may find the guy who mows your lawns or builds your shed will also offer to install your sprinklers, but that doesn’t mean he will do a good job, sure there are a few exceptions, but that is generally not their skillset.

We will travel to site at no cost, talk to you about your requirements, take a flow test & go from there.

We have a unique device which allows us to walk the perimeter of the area in question & then send that in the form of a CAD drawing to our computer back at the shop. We then tidy-this up & complete your design.

Unlike amateurs who use soft poly pipe like you use in your garden, we only use PVC pipe. It lasts longer, less prone to root & rock damage & works at higher pressures.

When we design systems we take into consideration what size pipe we are using to ensure we don’t lose too much pressure through friction loss & also look at the velocity (the speed the water is moving through the pipe).

We try to match the precipitation rate of the sprinklers up as close as we can & definitely don’t mix & match sprinklers.

We only use commercial quality sprinklers, not the ones you get from the hardware store.

So, when we design & install your system, you get an experienced team of guys (our staff, not contractors) using our machinery & quality hardware.

We will leave the job looking good & supply you with a computer drawing to scale.


Continuing on from above, we also do designs & installs for parks & gardens as well as sporting ovals.

Having designed & installed most of the watering systems at sporting ovals in both Naracoorte & surrounding towns, we are the go-to people for these types of projects.