Our sales & service facility covers every major part of irrigation, pump systems, as well as domestic irrigation from drip systems for pot plants through to pop-up watering systems.

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Vineyard Irrigation

We are known as the leader in drip irrigation in the Limestone Coast. Having a close relationship with Netafim that dates back over 30-years, the Lawrence & Netafim name having combined to install millions of metres of tube over this time.

Domestic Irrigation

When it comes to domestic pop-up irrigation, most people think it is easy to do. You may find the guy who mows your lawns or builds your shed will also offer to install your sprinklers, but that doesn’t mean he will do a good job.

Commercial Irrigation

Continuing on from above, we also do designs & installs for parks & gardens as well as sporting ovals. Having designed & installed most of the ovals in both Naracoorte & surrounding towns, we are the go-to people for these projects.


Submersible Pumps

We sell all sizes of submersible pumps from 3” in diameter up to 8” & larger. Sticking with the quality theme, we sell only pumps made in Europe which are known for their quality. Our primary supplier is Caprari.

Solar Pumps

We sell one brand of pump, made in Italy by Nastec, & imported direct into Adelaide by a close friend of ours, Marc Lower at Solar Pumptec. When it comes to solar pumps, we only sell quality.

Rainwater Pumps

Unlike our city counterparts, almost every house in the country areas has a rainwater tank & the majority of them have a pump to deliver water to the house.  In this market of pumps, you get what you pay for.

Jet Pumps

If you are looking for a robust jet pump for your bore which is almost bullet-proof, you can’t go past the Onga JJ/OJ jet pump range.

Fire Pumps

We refuse to sell cheap imitation fire-fighters as our belief is when there is a fire, you want your pump to start first time & do its job.

Other Pumps

We also do a range of grey-water sump pumps, centrifugal, vertical multistage, 12-volt spray & caravan pumps & many more.

Rural Stock water Systems

Whilst anyone can sell poly pipe & cheaply, not many can design a stock watering system. There are many things to think about when doing a design like this such as friction loss, velocity, elevation, working pressure etc. It’s not just trenching pipe in the ground & turning the pump on.